Staff Downloads


Photo Work Flow (online and yearbook)
How to save photos for publications.


Photographer Procedure Flow Chart
How to save photos for publications.


Yearbook Page Generator Chart
How to create yearbook pages and get them edited.


Sound Slide/I Am Legacy Flowchart
A how to for SoundSlide/I Am Legacy Videos


Newspaper Procedure Flow Chart
The path of a story.




Better Interviews
How to get interviews that will make a great story.


Quick How Tos
How to interview, write better, write a caption, cover a story, etc.


AP Style Guide
Basics for writing in journalism classes.





News Stories Check List
A check list for completed news stories.


Yearbook Check List
Check these things before shipping a yearbook page.


Senior Ad Procedures
How tos for senior ads.




Advanced Journalism (YB/NP) Syllabus
Expectations and rules for Yearbook and Newspaper classes.


Staff Contract
Must be filed and signed by staffer and parents.


Broadcast Journalism II Syllabus
Expectations for broadcast journalism II


LBTV Contract
Download, sign and return to Mrs. Dearinger


Parent Permission Slip
Basic form for parents to fill out and sign for journalism travel




Broadcast II Work Log
Basic form for daily work.


Yearbook Work Log
Basic form for daily work.