August 4, 2023


This tradition is one I’m most proud of. I love to have all my students together–which only happens twice a year. (Banquet is the other.) We start at 7 p.m. and set up all of our communications and introduce editors in some kind of game. Then we head to an indoor rope course. This facility (Group Dynamix) will take care of all the games and team building. We’ll take breaks thought the night for pizza and staff meetings to set goals, talk about the yearbook theme and set schedules for the year. After a cereal bar at 5 a.m., we’ll head home. Here’s our schedule and photos from the event.

Legacy Journalism LOCK IN 2023

6:00    Editor’s Meet/Set Up
6:15    Meet at Journalism Room Back Door

  1. Shirts (Jade)
  2. Staff Photos (Reese, Caroline)
  3. Name Tags/Attendance (Claire)
  4. Remind (Raylee)
  5. Band Notifications (Jonah)
  6. Set Up Emails (Blake)
  7. Staff Info Form (Riley)

7:00    Editor Intros/Guess the editor (Blake, Raylee)

7:30    Non Negotiables/Changes (Mallett/Dearinger)
7:45   Band Demo (Mallett)
8:00   Ducks in a Row (Abi)

8:10    Leave for Carrolton
9:00   Check into Group Dynamix
Get-to-know games (GDX)
11:45  Nacho Bar
12:00 IF  (Raylee, Blake)

12:15  Staff Meetings (procedures, routines, expectations)
NP: Story assignments, reminders
YB: Theme, page assignments, deadlines
PH: Settings, equipment check out, types of photos

BC: Story ideas, equipment, procedures

1:15    More Games (GDX)
2:30    Meetings with staffs (things I wish I knew) (setting goals) (games)
3:15    Red Eye Games (GDX)
5:45    Cereal Bar

6:10    Leave for Legacy—

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