Quarantine Procedures

What do you do while at home?
  • Check the weekly email for what’s going on in class for the week.
  • No Red Ink
  • Webinar (links sent in weekly email)
  • Past Webinars
  • Photoshop Tutorial Videos (found on Waitress Drive)
  • Virtual interviews for stories
  • Check the Virtual Learning page on legacystudentmedia.com, NOT CANVAS
  • Assigned POTDs will be moved for you
  • We have a few laptops you can check out if needed for Photoshop and InDesign.
  • Any editor duties
What you CANNOT do while at home on quarantine
  • Attend or photograph events
  • Come to school for interviews
  • Nothing
  • Nap all day
  • Disappear from journalism duties


Daily Attendance Options
Opt. 1 Email Work Log

Keep a log of what you did that day for your journalism class. Email Mallett what work you did that day by 3 p.m. Attach any links, notes or photos to the email.

Opt. 2 Call In for Staff Meeting
You may call in during class to see what needs to be done. Give an update on what you’re working on or what you need help with.