Virtual Learning

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Week 1.2 (Sept. 21-25)

This Week’s Focus
Getting back into work flow.
How to email.
Quotebook set up.

No Red Ink
No Red Ink is due Sunday.

To Do List
NP: story due this week
Juniors/Seniors: Watch video about college resumes, create yours, turn it in for extra credit
PH: Email me photos you’ve taken this week and/or last.
YB: Quick Read Designs and Universal Page Design are due
LBTV: ASB Classroom Edits

Yearbook Workshop
YB: Oct 2-4 is a required workshop. See previous emails for the schedule

Quarantined Students
Email, call in during class, or Google Meet with class for attendance


Photo 2, 3: 2nd Six Weeks Project

Six Weeks Project: Human of Legacy (Environmental Portrait)

Project Requirements–
  • Take 8-10 environmental portraits of a Legacy student.
  • Photos must have full captions with expanded quotes
  • Well lit and composed photos
  • Variety of Photos
  • Variety of Locations
  • OK (70s)- Photo of a person at school or on the playing field
  • Better (80s) – Photos a person at work and at school
  • Best (90s) – Photos from different locations showcasing various aspects of the student’s life (work, school, home, church, hobbies)
  • One photo will go to the Humans of Legacy Page
  • You’ll build a portfolio in Spark of the remaining photos. (example)
Due Dates–
  • October 14- Photos due
  • October 28- Presentation Due