Virtual Learning

Final Week

Photo 2, 3 | Newspaper | Yearbook | Journalism 1
Attend Staff Meeting Tuesday at 1 p.m. (final procedures, summer info, senior farewells)
Check Grades/Email Mallett with changes or late work
Complete Final Checklist
Sign Up for Summer Workshops



Week 6.6 (May 18-22)

Photo 2, 3 | Newspaper | Yearbook | Journalism 1
-Return any equipment or pick up any personal items on Monday, May 18
-Attend staff meeting on Tuesday (
-Take required final exam
-Email Mallett any late/make up work
-Journalism 1 those who have not set up email for next year: attend meeting on Thursday at 11 a.m. (

-Video 3 is due on or before May 21. Complete LBTV schedule.
-Attend staff meeting on Tuesday (link above)
-Complete final exam by May 27 at 5 p.m. It will be emailed to you.
-Turn in all Kits/Equipment on May 18. Drop off at journalism door. Be sure to take your SD cards and check bags for items.

Week 5.6 (May 11-15)

Tuesday’s Staff Meeting

Photo 2, 3 – Watch a video
Watch this video. Send me a brief email of things you learned.

-Video 3 is due on or before May 21. Complete LBTV schedule.
-Several of you missed the Video 2 deadline. Please upload ASAP.
-Attend staff meeting on Tuesday (link above)
-Final exam info will be shared next week.

Newspaper Editors – Attend a SNO Training
Sign up for one of these webinars and attend. Send me a brief email of what you learned.

Newspaper Staff (and next year’s staff) – Watch a video, send story ideas
Watch this video. Email three story ideas for next year.

Yearbook (and next year’s staff) – Watch Theme Video
Sign up for this video/webinar and watch it. Send me a brief email of what you learned.

Journalism 1 (returning next year) – Get ready for next year
If you’re moving to newspaper, yearbook or photo, you MUST attend a video meeting on Monday at 3 p.m. We’ll set up your email and go over other entrance procedures. You’ll need your phone and a computer. Log in here:  |  Entrance Procedures

Journalism 1 (not returning next year) – Watch a video
Not moving to a publication class next year: finish any late work.
Watch this video

Late Work
Any assignment can be turned in for full credit. If you finish a late assignment, email it Mr. Mallett.


Week 4.6 (May 4-8)

Photo 2, 3 – Maintenance and Catch Up
1) Check Skyward for any missing assignments. Email any grade changes or late work.
2) Clean email.
3) Add’s calendar to your Google calendar.
4) Submit any last photos to Walsworth Photo Contest
5) Watch this video. Enjoy.

1) Video 2 is due by Thursday. Upload video here.
2) Email Dearinger when your video is ready
3) Attend Tuesday staff meeting
4) Submit this form nominating LBTV Staffer of the Year and Friend of Journalism. You should not fill out the portion for newspaper and yearbook staffer — just LBTV.

Newspaper – Final Story
Seniors: Finish your final blog.
Underclassmen: Write a story we can use this summer or next year. (List, infographic, blog, How to Adult)
All: Finish late stories! Many of you are behind.

Yearbook – More Theme Search
Add more visual (graphic design) ideas to this folder. Yes, you. Yes, more!

Journalism 1– Journalism History
1) Watch this video.
2) Watch this video.
3) Email me ( a bullet list of four things you learned from the videos.

Tuesday’s Staff Meeting –
Scott Thomas, (Big Spring HS, 2005), will join us. He’s the communications director for a school district. Anyone who doesn’t have their camera on will be called on for a question. TURN YOUR CAMERA ON.

Week 3.6 (April 27-May 1)

Photo 2, 3 – Find the Difference
>No more POTD. Instead, we are doing a “find the difference.” Take or use a photo you already have and use Photoshop or an app on your phone to create 2-3 differences (change color, delete, clone, etc). We’ll post them side-by-side in social media. Contact Madison G. or Katelyn F. if you need help. Everyone must have one Find the Difference emailed to me and Katelyn this week for your grade.

1) Update LBTV schedule with Video 2 idea.
2) Video 2 is due by May 7.
3) Watch the 2 videos below on broadcast writing. Email a summary of what you learned to Dearinger by May 1.
Video 1        Video 2

Newspaper – Finish Story
Story #3 is due Sunday. Please get caught up on past stories as well.

Yearbook – Finish Story
Complete edits to your personality profile. The final version is due Sunday.

Journalism 1 – History Quizlet
1) Watch this video on Joseph Pulitzer
2) Go through the flashcards on this journalism history Quizlet and take the quiz. Email me a screenshot of your results for your grade this week. (Yes, retake it until you make a 100.)
3) If you haven’t finished your Famous Journalist Project graphic, do so this week. The quiz is next week.

Tuesday’s Meeting
We’ll have Jordan Herrod joining us from Calfornia. He’s a former sports editor who is now a sports information director for a college. YOUR CAMERA MUST ON to get credit for the meeting.

Monday Game Night – 7 p.m. –

Week 2.6 (April 20-24)

Photo 2, 3 – Analyze a Photo
Look at the contest winners. Pick one photo. Email me the photo (screenshot) and why you think this photo won.

• Keep LBTV Schedule updated
• Video 1 is due April 23 (Thursday)
• Upload completed videos here.
• Attend weekly check-in meeting on Tuesday.

Newspaper – Write a Story
Story due this week. Be sure to add stories to the story assignment list. Email editors when you’re finished. (New Editors- Sign up and attend SNO webinars)

Yearbook – Write a Story
Write your Personality Profile. Share the Google Doc with me, Dearinger and We’ll leave corrections in the comments. Look back at last week’s examples and resources on how to write a personality profile. Email or call if you’re stuck.

Journalism 1 Famous Journalist Project Research and Graphic
Research the famous journalist you signed up for last week. Then create a graphic ( or PowerPoint slide with your research. Be sure to follow the directions. Add your graphic to the document.

All Staff Meeting  Tuesday at 1 p.m.

Week 1.6 (April 13-17)

Photo – Photoshop Cutouts
• Watch this video on clean cuts.
• Copy and paste this image into Photoshop and use skills learned last week and this week to cut out hair.
* Email a finished JPG of your cutout for your grade.
• Update Portfolios. (Project grade coming soon.)

• Keep LBTV Schedule updated
• Video 1 is due April 23
• Upload completed videos here.
• Attend weekly check-in meeting on Tuesday.

Newspaper – Video with quiz and work on a story
• Watch this short video and answer these questions about the video.
• Write a story for our paper. (See editors for story assignments.)

Yearbook- Writing a feature
• Look at how to write a feature. (focus on personality profiles)
• Look at examples of personality profiles
Sign up for a person (not a current senior) you want to write about next week

Journalism 1 –  Research a Famous Journalist
Famous Journalist Project
• This week: sign up for a person to research and get the required information.
• Next week: create a Canva slide/infographic and upload
• (If you are moving to newspaper or yearbook next year, you can replace this project for the NP or YB assignment above. Let me know that’s your plan.)

All Staff Meeting
Tuesday at 1 p.m.
A special guest or two will join us! Be on time.


Week 6.5 (April 6-9)

All Grades Due Friday
Zeros are in. You have this week to make up any missing assignments. The grading period ends Friday. Email me if you have any questions or need to make up an assignment.

Photo 2, 3
Watch This Video  –
Then Watch This Video –
Take notes then email them to me

Write a story.
You need FOUR stories completed (marked green) by Friday.

Write your two thank you emails. See the “how to” email. Your grade will be the email you send. (CC me on the email.)


***** All work is due by end of the day April 8 *****
• Fill out the LBTV Schedule with two video ideas for the sixth six weeks. Email Dearinger your plan.
• Turn in any work not completed for the 5th six weeks here.
• Attend weekly check-in meeting on Tuesday.

Journalism 1
Watch Lester.
Finish all past assignments by Friday. (see past weeks below)

Required Tuesday Meetings (moved to the afternoon)
1 p.m. Photo/LBTV
1:30 Newspaper
2 p.m. Yearbook
2:30 Editors


Week 5.5 (March 30-April 3)
All grades due Sundays. All Classes.
Photo 2, 3
• Create your website for your portfolio. (see last week’s assignment)
•  If you need help, call me or email me. We can video chat to get it set up. Here are good WordPress help tutorials.
* Add your domain to this Google Doc. Photo Portfolios
• I know some of you may have photos on your desktop or server. That’s next week’s task. Just get your website started this week.


* Write a story. Write anything you want. Just write. 🙂 All stories need to go on the Story Assignment List. Email Ryland or Brinley when you’re finished with a story.
• Check the tab for Coronavirus coverage ideas.
• Keep up with all quotes.


• Many of you submitted the wrong format last week. (Schuler, Felan, Eidson, Wright) Please add jpgs or screenshots. Upload more y’all! We need A LOT more.
• Some of you haven’t uploaded anything. See last week’s instructions. Upload here. You’re a week late. But it’s not too late.
*  Thank you notes to teachers for their help with the yearbook go out next week. DO NOT SEND EMAILS THIS WEEK. Sign up here for two teachers who were helpful in creating your pages. Yearbook Thank You Notes


Journalism 1
* Take the final caption writing test.
* Take the final photoshop test.


• Write a letter to your replacement. Include the letter you received when you took over the job. The letter should include how-tos, tips, passwords, helpful ideas, dos/don’ts. Email me the letter when you’re finished.



Update LBTV Schedule

Upload completed videos here — due April 3

Tuesday Video Meetings 
10 a.m. Photo/LBTV Video Meeting –
10:30 a.m. Newspaper Meeting –
11 a.m. Yearbook Meeting –
11:30 a.m. Editors Meeting –
1:00 Journalism 1 Check-In and help –



Week 4.5 (March 23-27)

Photo 2, 3
• Remember your Adobe CC login will work on your home computer. Email or call if you need help setting it up.
• Turn in all equipment. Monday 12-2. Call the office 682-314-0717 and we’ll come get it from you in your car.
• Upload any photos from assignments & download photos you need for your portfolio on Monday 12-2 during “Park and Upload.” Dearinger and I can help during that time if needed.
a) access the server from the parking lot
b) wait until we get back to school or a time the district will allow access to the building
* Create a Portfolio Web Page. (see samples) Use, or Video Conference Time:  TBA

* Write something for Corona Coverage
• Promote our Corona Coverage in Social Media

* Add ideas to the Google Folder for next year’s theme. Use Google Image search or any design firm like or

Independent Study/Editors
•(editors) Write a letter to your replacement. Include the letter you received when you took over the job. The letter should include how-tos, tips, passwords, helpful ideas, dos/don’ts. Email me the letter when you’re finished.
•(Non Editors) Work on Yearbook’s assignment or write a story.

•Create a video related to Coronavirus. Examples include how students are spending time during the crisis, a vlog about your thoughts on the pandemic and how it’s affecting everyone, local businesses and how we can support them, public service announcements about social distancing.

•Email your idea to Mrs. Dearinger before beginning to film.

• We will still use the LBTV schedule so please check that to stay up to date.

• Use your MISD credentials to access Adobe Premiere to edit your video. Here are directions on how to download and install it.  You can use an app like Videolicious as well. If you do not have your kit you can use your phone to film.

• Please put your completed videos in Corona Craziness Folder Shared with you on Google Drive. Email Mrs. Dearinger when you are finished.

Journalism I
* If you have a computer, you can access photoshop from home. Use your school login. Do one of the following tutorials. Email me ( a screenshot of what you created.   Tutorial 1 | Tutorial 2 | Tutorial 3
* If you can’t access Photoshop or the tutorials, watch this tutorial and email the “five tips” discussed in the video.

How to log in to Adobe CC from home. 

*Graded Item •To Do