General Rules
• Act in a professional manner at all times
• Keep open communication with adviser, editors and other staff members
• Give up personal time to work on publications (after school, weekends, holidays)
• Use computers for journalism use only (see use of computers section)
• Always check out equipment and report its condition to adviser or editor staff
• Keep a notebook (this staff manual must be included) of quotes
• Keep food or drinks away from computers
• Keep all journalism materials in classroom and in proper location
• Return at end class and check in when off campus for journalism reasons
• Constantly clean and maintain Journalism room
• Know the proper way to enter another teacher’s classroom
• Introduce yourself
o Ask if it’s a good time to interview _____
o (Do not say “Can I borrow _______”)
o Thank the teacher and the student
• Keep chairs in proper location (There are too many to let float!)
• Be on time. Like you, Mr. Mallett has rules to follow. You must be in the journalism room when the door closes.
• Dress professionally when representing journalism
o Polo shirt is required for UIL meets and must be packed for all trips for award ceremonies
o Photographers must always wear toed shoes, and a journalism shirt (polo preferred)
• Students must always sign out (and check with the assistant editor) when leaving the journalism room
• Phones must be in your pocket, purse or backpack
• Keep a quote book (either in drop box or old school binder)


Do Not
• Lie – Use the truth always
• Leave the classroom without proper permission from editor or adviser (must have press pass to leave)
• Line up at the door!
• Change settings, backdrops, screensavers, download programs, or alter the computer in any fashion
• Enter office without solicited permission from Mr. Mallett or Editors
• Use your phone during meetings or instruction time
• Use Mr. Mallett’s computer or the editors’ computers
• Interrupt other teacher’s classes for non-journalism business
• Never miss a deadline
• Curse, slander, provoke, or use any other language not becoming of a professional
• Write on the whiteboard
• Use your music player without permission from Mallett
• Play any game on the computer (or stream video or music at anytime for any reason)
• Use other people’s materials without asking
• Cause drama
• Interrupt a teacher’s class more than once in a class period (see assistant editor)
• Click the PUBLISH button on the online paper
• Take photos or video of students in classrooms (per district policy)
• Misspell names – the adviser may fine students for misspelling a name
• Post journalism photos on social media or blog sites

Discipline Procedures

The following actions will be taken by any staff member, editor, assistant editor, and business manager if the above
responsibilities are not met:


Missed Deadlines
• First offense- Editor will set up a conference for the breach of contract with the adviser
• Second offense- Adviser will put on probation for two weeks (use of daily time sheets)
• If after two weeks, the staff member does not comply with specific outlined responsibilities, the adviser will set up
a parent/teacher conference
• Third offense- The student will be permanently removed from the production staff


Behavior Problems
Any staff member who cannot act properly with other staff members, adviser, or act professionally when
representing the journalism staff will be on probation for two weeks where if the problem is not corrected the
student will be removed from the staff immediately. A parent conference will also take place at the beginning of
the probation period.


Computer Infractions
• Any student not using journalism computers for academic purposes will be placed on a two week probation from
computer privileges and must be accompanied by an editor or adviser to complete required tasks
o i.e. games, personal items, Internet “surfing”
• A student accessing content from the Internet prohibited by the Mansfield Independent School District will be
removed from the class immediately
o i.e. sites containing violence, gang related activates, pornography, or other offensive content
Definition of probation- Probation will consist of a daily log sheet of all activities and the staff member on probation is
responsible for reporting in to an assigned editor or in some cases the adviser

Rules while Traveling

The basic rule to abide by when traveling with journalism is to be at your utmost best behavior and be a professional.
If any infractions of travel rules occur, the adviser will make arrangements to bus the student home at the parent’s
expense and will be not be allowed to travel with journalism in the future.
The student will also be written up and must have a conference with his/her parents and an assistant principal following
the infraction.
• Be on time.
• Respect the bus driver (even when hitting curbs or getting lost)
• Thank bus drivers and sponsors
• Keep hotel rooms clean
• Respect other guests in hotels
• No girls in boys’ hotel rooms and no boys in girls’ hotel rooms EVER!
• Always make curfew and remain in rooms
• Remember common manners: “Yes, sir.” “Thank-you.” …
• Pair up when the group is apart
• Do not skip workshop sessions
• Sit toward the front of workshop sessions
• Take notes during workshop sessions
• Do not leave during a session (Even if it’s extremely boring)
• No vandalism at anytime
• The adviser must know of any/all medications being taken. (even Tylenol)
• No cussing at any time
• Include all members of the group
• Meet new people
• School policies still apply when traveling
• Dress professional (journalism polo usually) for award ceremonies
• Dress professionally at all times. This means in the hallways and pool of hotels
• Don’t get mad if we don’t win awards/Don’t get cocky if we do
• Treat other schools with respect
• Do not talk bad about other’s projects or papers (save it for the bus)
• Have the advisers’ phone numbers for emergencies
• Keep your phone on vibrate during workshop sessions and award ceremonies
• Keep up with all equipment and help others with theirs and their luggage



Computer Storage: All files will be saved and maintained on the journalism server

Staff Email Accounts
All editors and all newspaper staff members will be given an email account through gmail ([email protected]) or
([email protected]).

Staff members are required to use this email account for all journalism correspondence. This is also
the gateway to google docs where all copy will be saved. Staff members should check email daily. Email accounts are not intended for personal use
and all content is monitored by the adviser. Do not sign up for deals, coupons, or other mailing lists using your staff account. Staff members should
be professional and use proper grammar in an email. Have someone proof read before you send any email to a source. = all newspaper and photo = all yearbook = all broadcast
[email protected] and [email protected]


Lab Computers
Student/staff computers are assigned to certain staff members. A staff member is only allowed to use the assigned computer unless problems arise.
All files are shared on these computers. Staff members assigned to each computer are responsible for all content and problems with the machine


Copy Preparation (Newspaper)
Always begin the story (when typed or hand written) with the proper “slug”
(In the top left corner)
Clark Melltone (Reporter’s Name)
Art Contest (Story Assignment)
8-22-12 (Date Written)
8-23-12 (Next Date Worked On)
File Naming
File name= yourlastname_story_date_publication Example= mallett_band_np (yb) (ro)
o Single space
o Use only Arial 11 – NEVER any other font (it scares InDesign)
o Leave room on the first page for a headline (Create one or two)
o Paragraph indents should be double returned
o Never underline anything – use italic wording for emphasis
o Use only one space between words and a new sentence
o Use standard proof reading symbols
o Save to the appropriate folder in google docs
Club and Sports File (Beat File)
One filing cabinet drawer is dedicated to storing and updating information on every club, sport, or event that takes place at Legacy High School.
Every staff member is responsible for constantly updating these files with research, interviews, stories from other sources, clippings from our
publications, score sheets, stat sheets and any other resources that will aid in a full coverage of the club or sport. Junior editors are responsible for
maintaining this file.
Picture File
Digital Photos are saved on the server under Photos_09-10. The Visual Editor is responsible for the upkeep and organization of these files. Staff
members needing specific photos should fill out a photo request form located in this file and turn it into the head photographer’s box and on our wiki
space site. Any photos not used or completed its function should always be returned to the file. (Files are kept in alphabetical order.)
File Names event_date_otherinfo_photographer’s initials
Ie keyclubmeeting_10-5_elections_lm
Ie football_9-2_granbury_ls


• Each staff member has a cabinet located on the wall.
• Messages, notes, or other materials for editors may be placed in the “editors’ mail box inside the office
• Editors have mailboxes in the office area.
• Staff members can also post notes on the note board near the door.


Assigned Computers
• Each journalism student will be assigned a specific computer for the year. Staff members are not allowed to use another computer unless
permission is obtained from Mr. Mallett.
• Staff members are responsible for all content on the computer.
• Staff members are responsible for upkeep and reporting problems on the assigned computer.
• Mr. Mallett’s, Editor’s, and the Business Manager’s should not be used without permission.
• Games and other similar activities are strictly prohibited from being used on journalism lab computers


Camera Check-Out
• Photo Editor(s) are responsible for proper check out and maintenance of all camera equipment
• Photo Editor(s) have the option of a yearly check out on any camera approved by Mrs. Dearinger
• Staff members needing a camera or camera equipment must sign their name, equipment id number and the date checked out on the
proper sign out sheet
• When finished with photo equipment, staff members must sign the equipment back in and have an editor, head photographer, or Mrs.
Dearinger approve its condition
• All staff members are responsible for damage or loss of equipment
Leaving the Classroom Procedures
• All students will be issued a hall/press pass and must be worn anytime outside the journalism room on journalism business.
• Replacement cards cost $5
• When leaving campus, students must check out through Mr. Mallett or Mrs. Dearinger and drive carefully. Students are required to check
back in at the end of each class period or before. Report any accidents to an adviser immediately. A proper yellow parking lot pass must
be issued from an adviser.
• When taking photos, be professional and wear Legacy Journalism attire along with your press pass.’
• Always act in a professional manner when representing Legacy Journalism.


Staff Manual Corrections and Additions
• Any correction or addition to this manual should be submitted to Mr. Mallett and added to the master copy. The editors must approve any
change in policy or procedure.