Journalism I

Journalism I Syllabus
Expectations and rules for J1.


1st 6 Weeks: (Feature Writing/Journalism Law and Ethics/AP Style)
Interviewing 101 | Better Interviews
Feature Writing | Feature Writing Leads PPT
Personality Profile (basic feature)
Journalism Ethics | Shattered Glass Review
AP Style (AP Style Guide) | Basic Guide
Libel Law: SPLC Press Freedom | SPLC Libel Laws | Review Guide | Press Law Project

2nd 6 Weeks: (Photography)
UIL Feature Writing | Writing Prompt
History of Photography (video review)  | Famous Photos Project
Bad Photos | Art of Photography
Photo Booklet
iPad Photo Scavenger Hunt
Photo Sim
Photography Prezi Project

3rd 6 Weeks: (Photoshop/Radica Write)
Photoshop Basics
Radical Write Review (quiz)
Question/Answer Stories

Photoshop Basics:
photo lesson 1 |  photo lesson 2 |  photo lesson 3 |  photo lesson 4
Tools Instructionstool 1  |  tool 2  |  tool 3  |  tool 4
duck  |  sheep  |  window  |  football
Photoshop Selection Tutorial | Apple Photo
Photoshop Text Tutorial  |  Text Tutorial 2Real World




4th 6 Six Weeks: (In-Depth Features/Yearbook/Caption & Headline Writing)
Question/Answer Stories
Yearbook 101 | Yearbook Terms
Yearbook Theme Project
In-Design Basics | You Spread | Using Colors |
How to CommaComma Quiz (print last question with grade)

5th 6 Six Weeks (Writing)
Headline Writing | UIL Headline Writing
Editorial Writing | UIL Editorial Writing
Review Writing | Elements of a Story
Observation Stories

6th 6 Six Weeks (Types of Stories/Journalism History)
Types of Stories
Caption Writing Review
Marketing | Marketing Project
Video Basics | Muffin Project | Movie Maker Tutorial
Journalism History


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