Do you order any extra yearbooks?

No. Our average cost of producing the yearbook is $90,000. If we ordered too many copies, we’d be like our government – asking for bailouts. Order yours early!

But there were extra copies last year, right?

This is a trick question. Yes and no. The publishing company will send extra copies to replace books that may have misprints. (Pages missing, covers on backwards, etc) The “extras” we sell are misprints.

How do I buy an ad?

Simple. Fill out the proper contract (located on our ADS page). You can check what size you want by looking at our rate sheet. Mail the form to us with a check. We’ll send you a proof before it’s published. Still confused? Call our adviser, Mr. Mallett or Mrs. Dearinger at 682-314-0717.

How do I get a copy of my yearbook photo?

Call Impressionist School Photo. They have everything on file. They’ll gladly print any photo you want.  972.682.6300

No one really looks at the online newspaper, right?

A total myth. We average 900 individual computers (IP addresses) a week. We also have over 1,300 Twitter followers and our friends on Facebook are growing daily! We don’t consider these people “no one.”

If my student doesn’t take a yearbook photo, will he/she be in the yearbook?

We’re sure there is some great sarcastic answer to this common question, but the answer is NO. It’s physics. If we don’t have it; we can’t print it.

I have a story idea. How do I tell you?

We’re always looking for ideas! Send them to us by email, or phone. Come by and visit with us. We’re by the band hall. You can upload photos and videos at [email protected]

How do I get on yearbook or newspaper staff?

Take Journalism I. This is an intro class that will teach you the basics. You can get an idea of what you’re good at and what you like to do. Then decide which publication you want to work on. Most of our staffers work on all publications.

Isn’t photojournalism the same class?

NO! Photojournalism spends a year focusing on photography. Journalism I students get the same training, but for four weeks. If you want to learn a lot about photography go to photoj. If you want to do more than just “take pictures” take Journalism I.

What about Broadcast Journalism?

An intro to broadcast journalism class open to anyone.

Do you get any kind of credit for journalism?

If you complete Journalism I and three years of newspaper or yearbook, the class can count for an English 4 credit. We think journalism students deserve an art credit or even a PE credit. Write a school board member to help us out on this.