Cell Phone Numbers

 Text Mallett your name at (817) 253-7813. Then add him to your contacts.
 Text Dearinger your full name at (817) 201-8568. Then add her to your contacts.
 Add the journalism office to your contacts. (682) 314-0717
 Text your parents the journalism office number.

Remind 101 (just to your staff)

 Newspaper: Text @therider to 81010
 Yearbook: Text @thearena to 81010
 Photo: Text @photostaff to 81010

Email Set Up

 Go to legacystudentmedia.com and click on your staff email link -gmail.com. (You can also set up a new gmail account.) Your username is first initial and lastname (ie- lmallett). Your password will be broncos111, but you’ll be asked to change it when you log in and sell your soul to Google.

Journalism Email Set up (ending)
Yearbook: @legacystudentmedia.com
Newspaper/Photo: @therideronline.com
Broadcast: @therideronline.com

Format Your Signature under settings (click settings wheel in your email)
Your Name
Staff Writer (or Staff Photographer)
Legacy Student Media
1263 N. Main St. Mansfield, TX 76063
(682) 314-0717
www.legacystudentmedia.com | www.therideronline.com

After setting up the email on your phone, you’ll need to go to settings/mail contacts calendar/signatures and do the same as above for PER ACCOUNT – this changes every month. You may have different options. See Mallett for help.

 Setup any folders you may want to organize your mail.
Suggestions: Stories/Interviews, Mallett, To Do List, Personal, School Work

 Please put a picture of yourself in your email account so we know who you are when we get a message from you – you will change this when we take your staff photo in August

Note: This email account is for journalism use. Advisers can access your account at anytime. DO NOT sign up for things with it. Once you leave, Mallett gets all the spam. 

 Cell Phone Email
Set up a Gmail account with your new email address.

Set Up Your Calendars

While in Google, you need to set up your calendar. Click Calendar at the top then add co-worker’s calendars. You’ll need to follow mallett@therideronline.com and the photo editor(s) if you’re a photographer (below). You will also need to link your calendar to your and phone.

PHOTO: add tburris@therideronline.com calendar as well.

*Go to: google.com/calendar/syncselect. Log in and checkmark mallett@therideronline.com


Contact your EIC about getting on the GroupMe chat.

Social Media

Follow @therideronline on Instagram and Twitter. (And Facebook- Legacy Jour)

Google Docs/Drive

Once you’ve logged into Gmail, make sure you can access the documents from our homepage www.legacystudentmedia.com
-Story Assignment List (newspaper)
-Yearbook Ladder (yearbook)

Sign Your Contract and Get Your Parents to Sign Theirs

Find the staff contract at legacystudentmedia.com. Go over each point and sign the contract. Your parent must sign as well.

Write Your Bio

(Photo, LBTV, Newspaper) Visit therideronline.com staff page to see examples. Tell our readers/viewers a little about yourself. Please email to Blake at bhinerman@therideronline.com when complete. He will post these on the site.

Other Things To Know

Lock In Money/Summer Workshop Money

Summer Workshop: check your email later for info.
Policy Manual
Familiarize yourself with the policy manual on legacystudentmedia.com. You are responsible for all the information there and to abide by the rules and guidelines.

Press Pass
You will get a press pass at the beginning of the year. It should be worn at all times. It is not a “get into things free” pass – unless you are working. It is also not a parking lot pass. Don’t abuse it or you lose it.

Social Media
All materials you create are NOT to go on your personal social media. However, you’re strongly encouraged to follow and retweet things from @therideronline on Twitter.