Journalism1  Intro to Journalism

Introduction to all aspects of journalism including- News writing, newspaper production, photography, web design, history of journalism, broadcasting, intro to radio news, yearbook production, advertising, graphic design and more.
– This is a prerequisite for all advanced journalism classes

[PhotoJournalism1] Intro to Photojournalism 

This class is an intro-level class that focuses on basic to advanced photo skills.
– This is a prerequisite for all advanced photo classes

[AdvancedJournalism] Yearbook

This class is responsible for the publication of the school yearbook. Students will continue their skills in yearbook writing, photography, advertising, layout, and graphic design. (The third year of this class can count as an English 4 credit.)

[AdvancedJournalism] Newspaper

This class is responsible for the production of the school newspaper. Students will refine skills in writing, editing, advertising, reporting, photography, desktop publishing, and news production. Students usually compete in UIL academic events for journalism as well.(The third year of this class can count as an English 4 credit.)

[PhotoJournalism II, III] Photography]

This class is the official photographers for Legacy High School. Students attend games and events of Legacy. Photos appear in all publications, promotions and websites. Students are also required to build an online portfolio of their photos for competitions and scholarships.

[BroadcastJournalism 1, 2, 3] LBTV

Real-world journalism includes more than just ink and paper. Students can take Broadcast Journalism I for the fundamentals in telling a story. After completing the intro class, students may advance to Broadcast 2 and 3 to produce videos that will be posted weekly on the online newspaper site. Videos are also created for the yearbook.

Contemporary Media, Visual Media & Design, Independent Study

These independent study classes focus on applying skills learned in other media classes from print, online, photo and video. Students work on all publications while also publishing Legacy’s Weekly Newsletter and the annual Freshman Guide. There are various other independent multimedia projects assigned in the class throughout the year.
– This class must be taken as a supplement and concurrent class to other media classes.