Pulitzer Prize 

1) Watch this video that discusses Joseph Pulitzer.

2) Visit Read about this award. Then fill out this form and answer the questions.

3) Pick the names of two Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers from this Pulitzer list. Research the photographers. Create a Google Slide presentation to present the photograph and information about it. This presentation should only be a maximum of 4 slides for each photographer.

Research when/where the photo/collection was taken, what the background situation is surrounding the photo/collection, and anything else that you can find out about the photo, collection, or photographer.

The Pulitzer website,, is a great resource. Cite your sources.

Share the presentation with me when it’s complete. Be sure to include your name and the name of the Pulitzer-winning photographer on the presentation.


Documenting life during Coronavirus craziness

1) Take a series of photos (8-10) to show how you are spending time during this time of social-distancing. These photos can be selfies, photos of your family or whoever and whatever you are doing.  These are definitely uncharted waters and time like no other and capturing this is a unique opportunity.

Work on getting proper exposure — don’t forget to adjust white balance and ISO as well as aperture and shutter speed.

2) Download and edit your photos.

Here are instructions on how to access Adobe Photoshop and Bridge (and any other Adobe program you’d like to use) using your school email address.

Adobe Creative Cloud Directions

3) In the Coronavirus Craziness folder on Google Drive (where you normally turn in work) create a folder with your name on it. Put all your photos in that folder.

4) I do not need a contact sheet. Please batch rename and include the necessary file info on your photos. Check the how-to edit photos instructions if you need a refresher.



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