Photoshop “Tools” Project

1. Open a new 8.5×11 (letter) document in Photoshop.
2. Copy each tool (there are four) from the Internet and paste into Photoshop. Remember to go to file new each time.
3. Once you have all four tools copied and pasted into Photoshop, you’ll have five windows: the four tools and the blank document you’ll transfer the tools to.
4. Using selection tools, cut out each tool and move it to the blank document
5. Arrange all four tools. You’ll need to transform some to look better.
6. Use the text tool to add your name.
7. Notice the magic eraser tool. You may need to use this to delete white areas.
8. Print your final copy and leave on Mallett’s desk.

tool 1  |  tool 2  |  tool 3  |  tool 4