A Fresh Start


The first day of a six-week grading period is photo inventory day. We look at photos over the projector to see what’s needed. The editors open each folder on the server to see how many photos are on file, how good the photos are and if there is a variety of photos. Then we come up with a “shot list” of what’s needed.


Editors spend this first day of the grading period assigning stories and storyboarding. Each video must have a plan: B roll, interviewees, questions, graphics.


Planning day. Today we planned coverage for clubs and sports pages. See the attached planning guide.


Like other staffs, today is a day of planning and clean up. We plan stories that need to be covered. What hasn’t been covered. We look for in-depth stories to cover. It’s also a day to clean off the story assignment list from the past grading period.

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