Boston Bound!

A lot of my time has been preparing for our trip to JEA in Boston next week. I had a parent meeting tonight. I’ve attached the packet of travel info I use.

General Rules for Travel

  1. Know obvious rules: no smoking, drinking, destruction of property, etc. (zero tolerance policy – traveler will be sent home early at parents’ expense)
  2. Students must stay with assigned sponsor. It’s the student’s responsibility to know where the sponsor is at all times. NEVER go anywhere alone or with a buddy. There is no buddy system in Boston. It’s a group policy. Always.
  3. Be early. There are 30 other people who will be waiting for you. Most all of our reservations have strict meeting times. If you are late, you may get left at the hotel (or brought back to the hotel) with an unhappy assistant principal.
  4. Be respectful. Watch your language. Be smart. Represent well.
  5. Have your phone charged and everyone’s number programmed. Bring an external charger.
  6. When getting on the metro or bus – get on with your group. Use your “green” card to know when to get off. Upon arrival, go to street level or the street corner and wait for Mallett’s text of where to meet.
  7. Curfew means: Do not leave your room for any reason. Call Mallett if you need something. (See rule one for what happens if you can’t follow this simple rule.
  8. Keep hotel rooms clean and organized. Hotels love to charge for extra things. Any costs that may be charged to your room will be the student’s responsibility.
  9. Always use your peephole when someone knocks on your door. If you can’t see a face, don’t open the door. I have your phone number if I need you.
  10. Don’t be stupid in the airport. Talking about bombs is stupid. Play it safe and don’t cause attention to yourself. Don’t try to be funny. TSA agents don’t have a sense of humor.
  11. While visiting monuments and buildings, rule #10 applies. Rules are just as strict or stricter here.
  12. Follow the “Packing Rules” Again, one person can slow down the entire group.
  13. Read and understand the “Smart Traveling” guide.
  14. Do not bring letter jackets.
  15. No whining or complaining. This is a group tour – not a family vacation. You’re assured not to get your way at times. (This should be rule #1.)

Packing and Airport Procedures

  1. You will check your luggage! No carry-ons. (Purses, backpacks are ok to carry on).
  2. Each bag you check (that goes under the plane) is free.
  3. Each bag cannot weigh more than 50 lbs. Remember, you’ll be bringing things back in the same bag you went there in.
  4. You’ll transport this luggage on a bus and make transfers. Make sure you can lug it around easily.
  5. Place all liquids and sharp objects (soaps, make ups, perfume, water, nail clippers, files, pens, pencils, etc) in your checked bag. This speads up TSA checkpoints.
    1. If you only have a carry-on, you’ll need to fit all liquids and gels in a 1 quart bag. If your items hold us up in security, it will be trashed. We will not miss a flight for items not packed properly.
  6. Minimize your carry-on. Only take what you really need on the plane. Share a carry-on bag if possible.
  7. Label your checked bag with the Legacy Journalism Logo (provided before we leave).
  8. Place all personal items (keys, wallet, phone, change, or anything else) in your carry on bag. Empty your pockets.  Also go ahead and place your belt and jacket in your carry-on bag.
  9. Laptops: These need to be placed in your CARRY-ON. You’ll have to take it out through screening.
  10. You can pack your Chrome in your checked bag or carry-on. If you carry it on, you don’t have to pull it out of your bag.
    1. TBH: Do you really need your laptop or Chomebook?
  11. Gaming Gear: Prohibited.
  12. Pack comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. There will be A LOT of walking. Pack in layers for warmth. It will be cold in Boston.
  13. Pillows: Prohibited. (You paid a lot of money for a nice hotel pillow.)
  14. Airline Seating: Do not trade boarding passes. It slows down the process of getting on/off the plane and frustrates other passengers and flight attendants if you switch. Work out who you want to sit by ahead of time. We all go to the back of the plane.

Street Smart Traveling Guide

  1. Place money (wallet) in your front pocket and always in the same one. Use the other front pocket for your cell phone.
  2. Purses – minimize. Only put essentials in your purse. Have a long strap that will go over your neck. Even better: don’t carry a purse. Give needed items to your sponsor. Small, zipper bag is better. When in thick crowds, hold it close and in front of you.
  3. Don’t carry all of your money at once.  Pack it in different locations.
  4. Memorize Mallett’s phone number. 817-253-7813
  5. Ignore, don’t make eye contact, with panhandlers or the homeless. Do not give them money. If they start to follow you, be rude.  Trust me, they prey on our southern hospitality.
  6. Always know where the sponsor is located. It’s your responsibility to keep up with him/her.
  7. Keep your schedule in your pocket.
  8. Don’t take flyers or merchandise from anyone. Nothing is free.
  9. If you get lost, call your sponsor or Mallett immediately and know what street you’re on.
  10. Always notice your surroudings.
  11. No letter jackets or things with your name on it.
  12. Pay attention when we are walking as a group down the streets. Stay close.
  13. Don’t cross streets in the middle.  Always use a crosswalk.  Somehow taxi drivers go 60 m.p.h. in the city and won’t stop for you. The whole group may not make it in a walk time. Pay attention to the signs.
  14. Be a confident walker like you know where you’re going.
  15. If your metro card does not work, have someone find Mallett. He has an extra.
  16. Do not scan your card and then decide to walk back out.  The card deactivates for 10 minutes after being scanned. Do not jump the rail. Transit cops will run you down. (We’ve learned from experience.)
  17. Always hold onto something while on the bus or metro or you’ll be holding onto the old man with no teeth. Awkward.
  18. Do not take photos of TSA agents, police officers, security guards, etc.  However, take lots of pictures of your trip.


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