Computer Set Up

I’m not a fan of the first of school. I’ve already said, I don’t like the setup, the teaching procedures, the forms to sign, the log-ins to check, and all these other things. Today was one of those days. That’s all we did.

Be sure to add Grammarly to all your student’s computers.

Here are the things we set up today-

  • Email log in
  • Email signature
  • Email profile pic
  • Google Chrome Log In
  • Set up bookmarks/short cuts in Google Chrome (ladder, photo requests, Walsworth Log In, etc)
  • Connect to servers
  • Set up email on phone
  • Set up/test BAND app – turn on notifications on the phone
  • Share a Google doc of teachers’ master schedule, room number and office number
  • Set up Grammarly
  • Make sure permissions work on all shared Google Docs and folder

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