Editor In Chief

Top Story (1 per week) (1 in news)
Column (2 per six weeks)
Check 2 quote books per week
Staff Editorial (2 per six weeks)

EIC/Assistant Editor

Check 2 quote books per week
Check inside pages for updates
SoundCloud to a story (1 per week)
Secondary Coverage on all stories

News Editor

News Story (2 per week)
Club/Organization (1 per week – can be a repeat of above)
Graphics for News Stories
Daily announcements

Feature Editor

Feature (1 per week) (goes on top story)
Graphics for Feature Stories
Visual Story/In-Depth Story (1 per six-weeks)
Update How to Adult (2 per six weeks) Moments/Observation (1 every ODD week)
Humans of Legacy

Entertainment Editor

Entertainment Story (1 per week)
Entertainment Blog (1 per ODD week)
Weekly List (1 per week)
Review (1 per EVEN week)
Blog (1 per week)

Sports Editor

Sports Story (2 per week)
Sports Blog/Column (1 every ODD week)
Sports Profile (1 every EVEN week)
Update Sports Scores (every Monday)

Personality Editor

Personality Profile (1 per week)
Toilet Paper (Bi-weekly)
YB Copy Editing

Photo Editor

Gallery with Captions (1 per week)
Humans of Legacy (1 per week)
Daily Photo (daily)
Update Upcoming Events Calendar

Social Media Coordinator

Update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram daily
Promote Yearbook Sales (1 per week)
Upload photos to SmugMug (once a six weeks)
Live event (via Twitter of Facebook) (2 per six-weeks)
Alumni site Updates/Cleaning – Contact Alumni

Days Things Post

Monday- Blog or Review or Entertainment
Tuesday- List
Wednesday- Personality Profile
Thursday- Feature
Friday- News, Sports