Notebook Flow

On Hold – Needs Materials (red)
To Be Designed (green)
Editor Approval (black)
Send Proof (blue)
Approved/Complete (clear)

Update Your Library

• Copy the library from the sever to your desktop
Know which ad you’re creating
• Check the ladder for your page assignments
• Reference senior ad plot folder to see which ads you have
• Write the names and sizes of ads in your quote book for each page
• Check the server for the senior ad file
—–Are photos included
—–Is text included

Update the Contract

• (if not already done) lightly write the senior’s name on the back of submitted photos
• Double check the number of photos (submitted contracts – not online contracts)
• Look for special instructions
• Write your name and assigned page number at the top right corner of contract

Creating the Ad

Adding the Text
• Type word for word the message submitted – or copy and paste from digital upload
• Use body copy text for the message – do not adjust for any reason
• Quote must be credited
• No poems or song lyrics can be published
• Change the folio at this point – Book Section: Ads/Index | Page Content: Senior Ads
• Add your name on folio

Adding Photos
• Fill the add with photos
• A current photo should be the dominant photo
• Drag from the digital file to In-Design
• Hold down shift to fit
• Don’t crop people out of photos
• Remove place holder boxes when finished
• Recheck that all photos are added to the ad
• Look for duplicated photos
• Do not use nudity photos or any appropriate photos, no swimsuit photos (see an adviser of questionable)
• See an adviser or editor if photos are dark, grainy or need other edits in Photoshop

Proof The Page

• Spell Check (command i)
• Double/Triple check the name spelling using name book
• Is the ad the correct size?
• Zoom in to validate spacing (you may need to create a space box)
• Have a peer look at your page
• Have an editor look at your page
• Is the page number correct?
• Finish corrections
• Placeholder boxes removed

Email a Proof

• Open InDesign
• View in Preview mode (no grids)
• Command Shift 4 to create a screen shot of the single ad (not full spread)
• Rename the file on the desktop to sradproof_lastname
• Compose email (copy from sample in your email)
• Insert specifics
• Attach screenshot
• Get adviser’s approval before sending
• Send email

Proof Corrections (done by editors)

•Print confirmation email and place in sleeve or make corrections
• If corrections are needed, repeat steps above
• Move sleeve to Approved/Complete tab

Rules to Follow

• All sleeves must be kept in alphabetical order
• Only have one sleeve out at time
• Be overly professional with parents
• Keep the notebook organized
• Keep all emails, materials, photos etc in the sleeve