Approval/Correction Deadline: Oct. 27

Dear Senior Parent,

I created your senior ad and attached a screenshot of the ad you purchased for the 2024 yearbook. Note, that the screenshot is low resolution. The ad will print much clearer and the screenshot is smaller than what appears in the book.

You must approve the ad before we can print it.

Please realize we have more than 64 pages of senior ads and 120 plus submitted to us. We try our hardest to avoid mistakes, but a few get by us. The text was entered by the buyer of the ad. We copy and paste what’s sent to us, but you may change anything.

Our goal is to create an ad that will be special for your senior when he/she picks up the yearbook in May. Let us know if there are any problems.

How to complete your ad:

If you’re happy with the ad, please select “approved” on the corrections form by Oct. 27.

Need Corrections
Fill out the corrections form ASAP.

Missing Photos
We may have removed any professional photos that did not have a copy release or did not meet our guidelines. We may follow up after this email to ask you to get the photo company’s approval to print the photo.

Missing Text
Again, for copyright reasons, we cannot publish song lyrics, movie quotes, and other protected materials.

Buy a Yearbook
Remember to buy a yearbook! The ad purchase does not include a yearbook. Click here to purchase a book. Use the coupon code ‘seniorad’ to save some money.

Contact Us
If you have a more specific issue that the corrections form does not address, you can email [email protected]. Thank you for supporting our publication by purchasing a senior ad,

Legacy High School Yearbook Staff