[senior ad package 2018]  [Order Online]


Dear Senior Parent,


An important part of your senior’s year is an advertisement from you in his/her senior yearbook. Unlike a cap and gown or T-shirts, this investment will last through history. Take some time to find that cute picture of your little baby and word something special for him/her. All ads can include a picture or two or three, depending on the size you purchase.  We can fit any picture or text in any size ad, but keep in mind: the smaller the ad — the smaller the picture and text will be. We accept and encourage digital pictures. You may submit a disk with the image, but we ask that you use TIFF or JPEG format. (E-mail files to [email protected])  We use a standard font and design for all ads, and ads will be designed by a yearbook staff member. You will receive a proof in the mail to check for any errors before publication. If you don’t receive a proof within a month, it’s important you call us.


You can upload photos and order online as well.


If you wish to use senior photos in your senior ad taken by a photo company, please call them to release the photo to us. They will forward the photo you choose to us via e-mail.


Hurry to get in your advertisement. Space is limited!  When our advertising spaces are filled, we cannot accept any more ads. Submit the agreement form with this letter at your earliest convenience to reserve a space.


The final deadline for senior ad submission is October 6, 2017.


If you buy a yearbook with your senior ad, you save money on the book.


The yearbook staff would like to thank you for purchasing a senior ad. Ad sales are the only fundraiser our staff conducts — we thank you for helping us in our success.


If you have any questions about the order form or possibilities for your ad, please contact us at Legacy High School (682-314-0717).



Thank you again,

Legacy High School Yearbook Staff