Quote Books and Interview Logs

Day 1 for B Day

It’s become a tradition to have cereal the first day of school On B Days, I have all my publication classes. It’s not exciting at all – to be honest. We eat cereal, talk about our summer, set up computer settings, hand out quote books, take any staff photos we missed and make sure everyone is on Band, Remind and their staff email is working. Oh, and a first-day selfie is a must.

What are Quote Books?

My students are required to keep a 3-ring binder with all of their notes and interviews in. I check their quote books for a project grade at the end of the six weeks. I’ll spot-check quotes on their page or story against what’s in the quote book. I’ve attached an interview form, but most these days use Otter App. It’s an app that records the interviews. Then you can email a transcription to yourself. Students print out the transcription and file it in the quote book. The binder has four sections: Notes, Working, Done, Other  Download the Interview Log here

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