Birthday Celebration

We had cake today! It’s my birthday. We celebrated all of our summer and August birthdays. Today was also Calendar Day. I learned the hard way if I’m going to have a work day on Saturday or a school holiday, to let parents and students know early. Real early.


Today we spend a few minutes discussing procedures. How to check out a lens. How to enter football stadiums. How to upload photos.


After cake, editors discussed how to and procedures. How to save and link a story. How the work flow works. We also talked about story ideas.


Again, more cake! My editor wanted to play a quick game. I would tell you what they played, but I was on the phone with our computer tech. Yep, half of my lab won’t allow students to log in. We spend time doing page assignments and looking at our theme ideas and talking about the cover design. Mostly, we just talked about what editors did over the summer. Below is a photo of our ladder. If you don’t use a Google Sheet for your latter, call me! It’ will make life so easy.

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