Interviewing Games

Journalism 1

Today was a fun day of practicing interviewing (having a conversation). We played head, shoulders, knees, toes, cup (or rubber duck). The player who doesn’t get the duck must answer a “would you rather” question as a conversation starter. After the game, I randomly pair up everyone (drawing a card from a deck and match up numbers). They spend time asking level 1, 2, 3 questions. I break in to talk about “Show, Don’t Tell.” They have to write a sentence or two to introduce their partner to the class. Here are some good examples.

“Chloe doesn’t remember the goose attack when she was five, but she has the scar above her eyebrow to tell the story.”

“After Nathan’s mother told him they were moving to Texas, he began to cry. Is didn’t want to move again. This would be the tenth time in 10 years.”

“Josh doesn’t like working out. He doesn’t like to run. He doesn’t like to play a team sport. He loves golf and will try out for the team next week.”

Behind the Scenes

We’re going to Boston to JEA in November. Today, I spent time emailing all of our entertainment venues for group tickets.

I try to mix up my J1 class’ seating each class. I created a seating chart for both large classes, so I can learn names easier.

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