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Since the photos are in, I ask my photo company to create a photo directory of our faculty and staff. If your company doesn’t do this service, you can also create one like you do for portrait pages. I spent most of the day getting corrections and additions done to this document.

Journalism I

Intro to Yearbook Day- Here’s the lessons/materials we discussed.

Yearbook History

1600’s-Students filled blank pages of scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, personal notes, dried flowers and hair.

1800’s-Annuals are generally senior photographs only, but also have a scrapbook style from previous years.

1806-First college yearbook, “Profiles of Part of Class Graduated at Yale College” published by Yale.  It looks like an old photo album.

1823-Signia, the oldest surviving college yearbook by Massachusetts College of Pharmacy is published.

1845-The first high school yearbook is published in Waterville, NY called “Evergreen.”

Mid-1800’s-Posed photos and engraved illustrations appear but are expensive.  Most books only feature seniors or graduating class.

1880-The modern yearbook is born! Why?  Letterpress Process & halftone printing, making affordable, mass-produced books.

1920-High school yearbooks include activities, teachers, etc. and become not just for the seniors anymore.

1925-Schools introduce yearbook sales campaigns.

1930-Offset printing brings in photos of all sizes and more affordability.  Now smaller schools have yearbooks.

Also in 1930-Yearbook companies now send representatives to visit schools for sales.

1935-The typical yearbook is published for $6.00

1940’s-Yearbook staff gets more creative with sound art and design. More sophisticated books.

1950’s-Yearbooks now used for education, public relations and student expression.

1960’s-Large, dominated photos and 2-page spreads get popular due to “look” and “life” magazines.

1970’s-Experimantal books come, such as unbound books in a box, covered with Levi Jeans, and one fashioned like Crayola Crayons.

1980’s-Now show the experiences of all the students (not just the IN crowd).  Some experimenting with video yearbooks.

1986-Schools begin using computers and desktop publishing to make their yearbooks.

1990’s-Books take a stronger journalistic style, covering news and issues to student life, fun memories.

Also in 1990’s-Desktop publishing becomes more and more popular to create yearbooks.

Early 2000’s-First online creation tool is used to create yearbooks.

Late 2000’s-Yearbooks created online overtakes paste-up (scrapbooking) and desktop publishing, as most popular way to create yearbooks.


5 Functions of a Yearbook

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