Silent Thursdays

Years ago, one of my editors listened to a TED Talk and told me we were starting a new tradition: Silent Thursdays. The idea was, that no one could talk. Headphones could go in. Lights went out. Lamps (now LEDs) came on. No phones. The editor sent an email with the day’s to-do list. Silence was essential.

I laughed. I said, “That will never work.”

Well, it was a hit. I continue to use the idea. It works well.

Today was a Silent Thursday.

I think the kid’s mental health needs a break in the loudness of their day. Sure, we needed to meet. I needed to teach. Editors needed to talk. But a period of silence and to just work at their pace, is worth the time.

I liked the time to myself! Here are the things I worked on in my silent corner.

  • Cleaned up name corrections for portrait pages
  • Reflowed the portrait pages
  • Balanced my activity fund (I’m short $800, according to the bookkeeper. Eek!)
  • Proofed newspaper stories. Left comments on the Google Doc.
  • Graded J1 list stories.
  • Did a photo inventory: Looked through the server to see what photo we need
  • Cleaned my emails
  • Bought some new bowling shoes
  • Created some memes to promote for yearbook sales
  • Submitted a PO for food for our end of year alumni FEAST!

Silent Thursday. Try it sometime.

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