Press Rights & SPLC

Journalism 1

Continuing journalism ethics and laws, today was about press rights, the First Amendment and looking at court cases that involve student media. has tons and lessons, handouts, quizzes, what ifs for discussion and so much more. Use this resource!

Today I used and have a Google Form with some simple questions to make sure they are reading. I split the class into groups to work together. Anytime I don’t need to be the one in front of class reading a PowerPoint, I step back. I monitor and help.

Behind the Scenes

Yearbook photo day is in two weeks, so I created the schedule for English teachers. If you don’t have a good relationship with your contracted photographer, switch or work to better it. Your job will be so much easier if they take care of the details! Below is a schedule I created for our English teachers. I’ll email them next week with details.

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