Yep, Still Working on Procedures

Again, the first six-weeks is all about drilling procedures and policies.


I had editors cover how to save photos to the server. Each photographer emails me their assignment, three best photos, weekly. (listed below). I’ll check for correct file name, make suggestions on how to make each photo better and give them a “what to do next time.” I also save these to a folder and share all of the photos with the class for a quick critique.


It’ the first of the week, so we have staff meeting about story ideas and talk about the story each person is working. To save time, I’ll have them break into groups with one editor per group. I also go over how to save their story, what each kind of lead sounds like and where to find resources on


We are designing from an inspiration. This allows them to learn InDesign and begin to get a feel for what the book looks like. My editors are working on theme pages (title, endsheet, opening, dividers, closing, etc.)

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